Do you feel that you aren’t in control of your wellbeing and fitness goals? There is a simple and effective way to improved wellbeing that you can easily fit into your daily routine. 


  • Your goals seem unobtainable and impossible to maintain for any length of time

  • You do not enjoy your current approach  

  • You’ve tried other personal trainers or fitness regimes and nothing has worked

  • You don’t like the gym and are short of time

  • You just don't know where to start


These are common problems that we can solve together. 

Push Ups

Imagine what it would be like to feel full of energy, confident that you have created a sustainable way of living and being able to see real progress.

My tried and tested approach to wellbeing and fitness will set you on the right path so that you quickly see the positive change you really want in 4 to 6 weeks. Why wait?

Using almost 10 years of personal training and Pilates experience taken up after a life changing back operation, I have the knowledge, experience and understanding of how you react and change as you age. I have learnt from my own personal experiences and from years competing in swimming, water polo and a variety of other sports and I can now pass on to you what really works to help you achieve and maintain your lifestyle goals. 

Boxing Session

  • More energy, improved mental wellbeing and greater confidence across all aspects of your life - People you know will notice the change!

  • You will be fitter and stronger, more able to tackle the day to day physical tasks in your life - Everything will become just that bit easier.

  • Become more resilient and less prone to injury - Are you always getting ‘twinges’ and ‘niggles’’. You’ll really appreciate how this programme will help.

  • Reshape your body, replacing fat with lean muscle - You will begin to see a difference in 4 to 6 weeks as you start to look toned and firmer.

  • Improve bone density and so reduce the risk of fractures and osteoarthritis - This is absolutely critical as we age.

  • Additional health benefits such as:

    • Improved cardiovascular health

    • Reduced blood pressure

    • Helps prevent/manage type 2 diabetes

    • Improved cholesterol levels

For more information please check out the UK National Health Service Guidelines.


After many years of gym going with variable results and frequent injuries. I decided to engage a personal trainer for the first time. Working with Jim exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I achieve all my short term goals, I also learned so much about what works for me in the long term. Jim made the sessions varied and enjoyable I can't recommend his services enough to people of all abilities. Mark W


I have been working with Jim for over a year and I really enjoy my personal training sessions. Previously I have had years of going to the gym off and on and ultimately getting bored. What Jim does is keep it fresh by varying my sessions and really pushing me. I now find that I am fitter, have more energy and I am really progressing in the exercises. It's giving me a great sense of achievement. Kate B


I've been going to see Jim for 2 years. He is very approachable around realistic goal setting and understands the pressures of balancing work/home/travel and family life. I really look forward to my sessions every week and would thoroughly recommend speaking with Jim if you don't really know where to start on your fitness journey or are having struggles keeping motivated. His sessions are completely tailored around my current goals and are slightly different every week so as to keep me interested. Graham W

  • As a member you’ll get access to your own customised programmes with videos clearly showing the correct exercise technique


  • Help and support to develop sustainable habits and begin your journey to genuine behavioural change

  • You’ll get access to my mobile app 24/7 so that you can work out when it suits you and ask me questions at any time of the day

  • Weekly one to one video calls that will enable continuous customised change and support throughout the programme (*Premium only)


  • You'll be able to record your exercises so that I can monitor, advise and support you more effectively

  • Access to the members only Facebook group - Meet other people in the community to share stories, recipes, tips and motivation. You will also get regular bonus content and Q&A opportunities

  • ​​You’ll have access to recipes and nutritional guidance (with expert input from a qualified Dietitian *Premium plus)​


The first person to sign up each month will receive a free 30-minute video consultation where we can talk in more detail before you start your tailored programme.

I only take 10 new clients (including just a single Premium client) each month so that I can guarantee you the best possible service. I’m so confident that you’ll enjoy the programme and see genuine benefits that if you are not happy in the first 30 days, I’ll give you a full refund.

This scientifically backed programme will improve your fitness, giving you more energy and confidence and create sustainable habits for life.